What can we expect when we listen to your EP, ‘Sow’?

I wrote these songs with just my voice and an acoustic guitar, so when I decided to put them on an EP, I had a lot of decisions to make about production. I knew I wanted to retain the acoustic songwriter feeling, but also create a vivid soundscape that would tell an extra dimension of the story. I worked with producer (and guitar genius), Jim Chapdelaine, who helped me achieve an inventive, full, authentic sound filled with new “ear candy” and fun hooks. It’s such a tough question when musicians are asked to choose their genre. I think it’s a really cool time to be a musician because genre lines seem to be fading! If Dave Grohl put a finger-gun to my head, I would say the EP is ‘Americana Pop’ because of it's catchy choruses backed by a various acoustic and electrics guitars, a human drummer, and enticing harmonies.

How did you choose which four songs to put on the EP?

It wasn’t easy! I decided to go with four songs that displayed four different styles of my writing. The first song on the EP ('I Will Fall') is the first song that I ever wrote, finished, and performed in front of an audience. It's a hopeful, flirty love song. The second ('Free') is the most rockin’, fun, catchy song on the EP. That one was a no-brainer for my band and I. The third ('Let Me') is very stripped down compared to the other three and offers some refuge from the three other largely produced songs. The final track, not-so-cleverly named ‘The End’, is one of my personal favorites. It travels through a clear storyline, full of twists and emotion. I really love ending my live sets with this one, so it only seemed fitting to be the final track.

When did you start writing songs?

After teaching myself a few chords, earning my own guitar (had to be able to play 'Over The Hills and Far Away' for my Dad), and watching ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ during my middle school years, I decided it was high time I start a band. I actually had two bands! Unfortunately, neither had a name and neither ever played a gig…. BUT I wrote some things then, became obsessed with attaching melodies to rhythm, and finally began singing, finishing full songs, and performing years later. Now, songwriting is like solving a really fun puzzle. The first piece is a lyric, melody, or rhythm and solving the puzzle is turning it into a finished song. It’s great.

What is it like to be an independent musician when the odds aren’t necessarily in your favor?

To be honest, it is pretty challenging. I think that this is true for any person pursuing a passion that might not appear stable or promising. To believe in yourself every morning, work for hours, and take small steps toward your dream (all the while having only little promise of success) can be daunting at times. But, if you talk to any musician who is pursuing this dream, you’ll most likely hear that it’s because he or she has to. Nothing else compares to writing, performing, and sharing my songs with the listener. I can’t imagine not doing this and I’m thrilled to see where it will go.

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